AC BioScience is a start-up biotech company with an innovative vision and business model. We are dedicated to developing groundbreaking new therapies to fight a range of cancers with a clinical focus on Colorectal Cancer and metastatic Pancreatic Cancer. 


Founded by Andreas Schläpfer and Professor Christian Auclair, the company is leading a paradigm shift in cancer therapeutics. AC BioScience is headquartered at the life sciences campus Biopôle near Lausanne, and celebrated its sixth year of existence in March 2023. 


Our primary focus is on developing personalized therapies for tumoral pathologies. We have obtained patent protection for one ground-breaking cancer therapy and have filed patents for two others. 


The Management consists of an experienced and well-balanced team with complementary skill-sets.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Andreas Schläpfer, a Swiss national, who has extensive experience in business strategy and global management. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from St. Gallen University, and has acted as an advisor to the International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/GATT). He spent more than three decades as a senior executive at the Nestlé Group (CEO in France, Russia, Thailand/Indochina) and as Global Business Head/Senior Vice President in charge of Nestlé's Infant Nutrition business.

Our Head, Immunological and Infectious Diseases, is Dr. Annette Ives. She has a Ph.D in Immunology and Infections from the University of Lausanne, and in her previous capacity was a Research Scientist and Project Manager with the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the WHO, respectively. Her areas of expertise are within infectious diseases, immunology and vaccines, and public health. She has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles. Dr Ives has both Australian and Swiss nationality.

Christine Evans joined us as our Head of Legal and Compliance. She is a former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for multinational corporate and private investment mandates. She holds master’s in Economics and Juris Doctorate, Graduate School of International Studies and College of Law, University of Denver.

Jean-François Dufour-Lamartinie is our Chief Medical Officer, M.D., Oncology and Cancer Biology. Previously CMO at Hybrigenics and Head of clinical development at Bioalliance Pharma.

Board of Directors

In addition to the Co-founder Andreas Schläpfer (with the recent resignation of the other Co-founder Prof. Christian Auclair due to health reasons), Dr. Peter Hug joined the Board of directors as a non-executive Director. A former Executive Vice President of Roche Pharma Partnering, he brings to the Board a wealth of experience in pharma licensing and business development.

Prof. Christian Auclair, Co-founder, Emeritus University Professor (exceptional class) and Doctor in Science (PharmD, PhD) was appointed Honorary Director.